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Just Legal Pty Ltd Jobs and Training’s aim is to keep your firm staffed at all times with the right people for the right job. We are not competing with your human resources department, but are adding another dimension.

Each job specification is unique to your firm and we will produce suitable applicants, whose experience and qualifications meet with your specifications and requirements. If the market does not produce suitable applicants meeting the criteria we will inform you of the situation and discuss other options available.

Our consultants are able to visit your premists or take your recruitment requests y phone. We then built a full job description and person specification to ensure that we attract the right people to your organisation.

All applicants have been thoroughly reference checked and their skills tested, including word processing and legal knowledge. Entry level candidates are also tested for aptitude relating to language usage. Please contact Just Legal Pty Ltd Jobs and Training for information relating to our Schedule of Fees.

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