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[Casual Staff]    [Permanent Staff]

Casual Staff

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Business are deemed to be accepted by the Client upon the engagement of an on-hire casual employee from Just Legal Pty Ltd.

  2. The Client agrees to pay the hourly charge advised at the commencement of the engagement.

  3. The Client agrees to sign a time sheet for all hours worked, including overtime, if applicable.

  4. The minimum chargeable period for the engagement of a temporary employee is three (3) hours.

  5. If within three hours of commencement of the engagement, a temporary employee is considered to not meet the required standard, no cost shall be incurred and a replacement will be made.

  6. Just Legal Pty Ltd is responsible for PAYE tax deductions, WorkCover premiums and compulsory superannuation. In all other respects, the Client will comply with the statutes, by-laws and legal requirements to which the Client is subject in respect of the Client’s own staff.

  7. Any WorkCover claim should be reported to Just Legal Pty Ltd without delay.

  8. The on-hire casual employee is deemed to be under the direction and control of the Client for the period of the engagement and the Client agrees to be responsible for all acts, errors or omissions of the on-hire casual employee, be they willful, negligent or otherwise as though the on-hire casual employee was on the Client’s payroll.

  9. If an on-hire casual employee who is introduced by Just Legal Pty Ltd, joins the Client’s permanent staff in any capacity within nine (9) months, a permanent placement fee, based on the first year’s remuneration will be invoiced according to Just Legal Pty Ltd’s permanent fee schedule.

  10. Salaries of on-hire casual employees are paid weekly therefore payment of invoices within seven (7) days is imperative to maintain high standards.

  11. The Client agrees that it will not approach on-hire casual employees directly without consultation with Just Legal Pty Ltd.

Permanent Staff

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Business are deemed to be accepted by the client upon the commencement of a recruitment exercise or the engagement of a candidate introduced by Just Legal Pty Ltd.

  2. Just Legal Pty Ltd agrees to make every reasonable effort to select candidates suitable to the Client, but Just Legal Pty Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any loss, expenses or damages incurred.

  3. The placement fee payable by the Client to Just Legal Pty Ltd (for the introduction of a candidate who accepts employment with the Client) is calculated as a percentage of the candidate’s first year remuneration (gross wages without superannuation or any other allowance).

  4. The fee payable to Just Legal Pty Ltd by the Client is set out in the Schedule of Fees.

  5. The Client is to notify Just Legal Pty Ltd immediately a decision to engage is made.

  6. Just Legal Pty Ltd provides a guarantee period as indicated in the Schedule of Fees. Should a candidate introduced by Just Legal Pty Ltd resign for any reason (other than retrenchment) within the guarantee period, Just Legal Pty Ltd will replace that person free of charge with a candidate to the satisfaction of the Client. A guarantee of satisfaction is only valid on the following basis:

    • The replacement is based on the original job specification
    • Just Legal Pty Ltd has sole rights to the recruitment exercise
    • Payment of the original placement fee is received within fourteen (14) days of the commencement date of the original candidate.

  7. In the event of a replacement, should the client decide not to proceed or if Just Legal Pty Ltd is unable to provide a suitable candidate within six (6) weeks of the departure of the original candidate, a credit to the value of 70% of the fee will be issued. This credit can be offset against permanent fees billed in the following twelve (12) months. No guarantee applies to replacement candidates.

  8. Candidates introduced by Just Legal Pty Ltd and subsequently employed by the Client within six (6) months of the date of introduction are subject to the standard placement fees.

  9. Candidate introductions are confidential and if, within six (6) months of an introduction from Just Legal Pty Ltd, the Client introduces a candidate to another employer who employs the Candidate, the normal placement fee will be charged to the Client.

  10. Should a candidate be introduced on a temporary assignment by Just Legal Pty Ltd and the candidate subsequently becomes a permanent employee of the Client, the appropriate permanent fee will apply.
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