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Legal Secretarial Administration Course - Correspondence

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Course Objectives

The aim of this course is for students to be ready for employment within a legal or quasi legal environment. This is achieved by providing students with knowledge in the areas of law, related procedures and an understanding of the terminology and definitions used in those areas. Employment positions and salaries will depend on commencing secretarial skills.

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Course Pre-Requisites

The following criteria must be met as they are required for most legal positions. Employment pre-requisites include the following competencies. Be able to:

  • read, comprehend and discuss information in English
  • write in English
  • touch typing skills
  • professional presentation and office acumen
  • word processing skills using Word for Windows (any version)
  • knowledge of MicroSoft Office is an advantage

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Course Outline

This course includes:

Comprehensive Course Notes

Comprehensive course notes are provided during the course covering all theory aspects of the course.


All graduates, on completion of the course and after assessment of their assignments will be presented with a Legal Secretarial Course Certificate.


All students will have a complete portfolio of work produced during the course to keep. It will contain work relating to the areas of law and the administration involved within a legal environment.

Areas of Law

  • Wills and Probate
  • Family Law
  • Conveyancing
  • Commercial Law
  • Common Law
  • Litigation
  • Careers in Law
  • Interview techniques

    Wills (1 Session) and Probate (1 Session)

    • Requirements for making a Will
    • Definitions required for Will making
    • General clauses and meanings
    • Procedures relating to Will making and related Power of Attorney requirements.
    • Procedures and requirements for obtaining Probate and Letters of Administration including related definitions, terminology and documentation.

    Family Law (1 Session)

    • Procedures and documentation relating to divorce including general information relating to children's issues
    • Legal precedent documentation
    • Definitions, terminology and administration duties

    Litigation (2 sessions)

    • Common Law Litigation (Civil Litigation) - Common Law Litigation relates to the law of disputes between individuals.
    • This area is covered in detail and includes the terminology and definitions involved in Litigation.
    • Also included are procedures relating to a dispute, claim and/or debt; procedures for handling a file on behalf of the plaintiff and defendant together with appropriate Court documentation.

    Commercial Law (1 Session)

    • Commercial Law relates to the law of contracts. This is a wide and specialised area and covers many aspects of the legal environment. Involved in this area of law will be leasing, sale and purchase agreements, intellectual property and employment law.

    Conveyancing (2 sessions)

    • Residential conveyancing means the buying and selling of property such as housing, vacant land, apartments, flats and units.

    • Both the purchase and the sale of properties are included, together with terminology, procedures and documentation.

    Careers in Law HR Interview to be arranged by appointment

    • Overview of a legal office regarding the types of jobs and roles within those firms
    • Job specifications and duties
    • Employee and employer obligations and expectations
    • The importance of confidentiality

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